Junkyard Photography

Finding delightful and beautiful compositions of rust, oxidation, and corroding metals to photograph is absolutely alluring to me.  I constantly scan fields and roadsides for rusty vehicles, trailers, discarded burn barrels, or an old parked train car.  Fortunately I live rurally, in the small town of Mount Shasta in northernmost California, so rusty leavings abound, offering endless beauty in the unexpected.

I'm a photographer, not a digital artist. My photographs are all as shot, and I process my RAW files (digital negative) exclusively in Lightroom, playing with color brightness and saturation, contrast, and white balance, occasionally cropping the image slightly to enhance composition.  I don't add or remove anything in my photos except rarely an unsightly splotch.

Archival fine art prints are available for purchase.  Please check the Contact/Buy page for details.

Gloria Olson 

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